KCK – Colour Choices

The cololur of your sheath or holster is a very personal choice. It usually says something about you. Feel free to express yourself with a variety of different colours available. If you don’t see the colour you want, let us know, we can put it on our next order for you.

Current In-Stock Solid Colours

Tactical Black KydexBlood Red KydexCoyote Brown Kydex
Bubblegum KydexHot Pink KydexEMT red Kydex
Gun Metal Grey KydexSafety Orange KydexPolice Blue Kydex
Olive Drab KydexZombie Green KydexBlack Basketweave Holstex
Raptor Brown Leather Look HolstexRaptor Black Leather Look HolstexOD Green Carbon Fiber Holstex
Blood Red Carbon Fiber HolstexTactical Black Carbon Fiber Holstex

Current In-Stock Patterned Kydex

Please be aware that patterned Kydex, such as Camo, Snakeskin, Kryptek, etc… are rather expensive. Due to licensing and copyright, these types of Kydex cost about 3 to 3.5 times more to bring in. This does NOT translate to a sheath that costs that much more but, there will be a upcharge due to the material costs.

Kryptek Highlander KydexKryptek Neptune KydexKryptek Highlander Micro Kydex
Blood Red Rattler KydexOrange Rattler KydexGrey Rattler Kydex
Supercam Kydex
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