The way you want to mount your sheath or holster should be practical. Keep in mind, you should think about easy accessibility regardless of other equipment you may be carrying. Also consider the possiblilty that you may be injured and have difficulty reaching your knife.

Accessories & Mounting options listed here that are custom, are merely a guide. If you have an idea or a preference, please, let us know. There are many other options not listed such as backplates, reinforcement plates, offset plates with scubba webbing - you name it...We will do our best to make it the way YOU want.


Small Tek Lok Large Tek Lok Combat Loop Mini Combat Loop
Small Tek-Lok w/ Hardware Large Tek-Lok w/ Hardware Small Combat Loop w/ Hardware Large Combat Loop w/ Hardware
Metal Clips Universal Flush Mount Plastic G Clip Kydex Belt Loop
Flush Mount Metal Clips Flush Mount (FOMI) Plastic Clips Spyderco G-Clip w/ Hardware Kydex Belt Loops w/ Hardware
Single Hole Metal Clip Ulticlips Large Molle Lok 3 inch Molle Lok
Single Hole Metal Clips  Ulticlip 3+, 2.2 Slim & XL Large Molle-Lok 4.5" Molle-Lok
2 inch Molle Lok Small Molle Lok    
3.5" Molle-Lok Small Molle-Lok